About me

I’m 46 and I lived intensely. I have a wonderful wife, Liana, my inspiration for kindness and beauty, two joyful teenage boys, Andrei and Mihai, and a little girl, Selona, born in January 2013. We enjoy, as much as we can together, music, movies, books and theatre plays. The rest of my time is dedicated to the business and education projects that cover two of my passions – people and organisations.

I like to swim, see the world and take photographs. Sometimes I write about business on my blog and about society in Revista 22, a leading Romanian intellectual magazine. More often on Facebook.

For more details on my last 25 years, please scroll down.

Academic Education

I got into the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in 1989 and graduated in 1994. In 1999 I graduated ASEBUSS, the Executive MBA Program coordinated by the University of Washington, Seattle, in cooperation with the Romanian-American Postgraduate School of Business.

Professional experience

In 1992, as a student, I co-founded, together with two American and two Romanian partners, one of the first private market research companies in Romania, after the fall of communism in 1989. It was called “Research Team Romania – RTR”.

In 1996 we sold the company to the GfK Group, from Germany, one of the largest marketing research corporations in the world. I continued to lead GfK Romania until the spring of 2005, when I decided to leave. In 2005 the company had 2,5 million euro turnover and 45 employees. In 2013, GfK Romania had 19 million euro turnover and 300 employees.

Between 2005 and 2011 I had my own consulting company, B&P Brandivia, offering services in the field of branding and strategy.

In 2012, together with three other partners, I co-founded Wanted Transformation, a consulting company specialised in transformation processes at the organisational, team or individual level.

Experience with various organisations

In 1990, right after the Revolution that ended communism in Romania, together with few other students, I co-founded AIESEC România, the Romanian chapter of the largest student organisation in the world (AIESEC = Association Internationale d’Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales).

Later, I continued to support AIESEC Romania as a member of its Board of Advisors since 1999.

In 2000 I participated, alongside other founding members, at the creation of the LEADERS România Foundation.

In the autumn of 2005 I co-founded, together with three other friends, The Erudio Association, a NGO offering innovative leadership programs for leaders in companies and other organisations. These programs blend culture, education and business in an unique set of courses meant to enlighten leaders beyond their regular job related challenges. As part of the main creative leadership program I taught Personal Branding and Public Speaking for 7 years.

For years I helped different NGOs to clarify their vision, mission and strategy, either as a board member or just as a friend. Among them: MaiMultVerde, Școala de Valori, ViitorPlus, Fundația Comunitară București sau Universitatea Alternativă.

International experience

Between 2001 and 2002 I was part of the “GfK Excellence Team” where, together with the 14 GfK managers from around the world, I helped reshaping the Corporate Values of the GfK Group.

In 2005 I became Eisenhower Fellow, being selected, among other 25 emerging leaders worldwide to take part in the Multi Nation Program of Eisenhower Felowships. For a period of two months I had meetings in various cities across the USA with leaders form various domains (politics, lobby, NGOs, mass-media, business). I also attended conferences and seminars, all with the purpose of better understanding the American society, its values, its fundamental institutions and their way of generating and strengthening the American participative democracy. During my fellowship the Chairman of the foundation was the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. The current Chairman is the former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell.

Political experience

At the beginning of 2000 I initiated a political party, The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania, which I led till its end, in 2005. It was a party of young people, most of them without prior political involvement and willing to fundamentally change the way of doing politics in Romania. We run for the local and general elections in 2004, but with results below expectations. Our limited financial and human resources did not allow us to implement our political vision. In 2005 I withdraw from politics together with most members of the party.